Who has or who have

Just sent. Jun 25, 2018 · In the English language, when we want to express possession, we either use have or has, depending on the person

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  1. In the past perfect, the auxiliary verb is always had
  2. The word “has” is generally used in the third person perspective
  3. Check your grammar: ordering - have got
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  5. For negative sentences we insert not after the first auxiliary verb
  6. g
  7. He has, it has, she has, I have, they have, we have
  8. Have, has : affirmative forms
  9. 1 : Nida has to do it by herself
  10. I never have/has a clean room
  11. have to has to dont have to doesnt have to: 5
  12. He / She had been a student for several years
  13. 1
  14. Example: Fred usually sugar with his coffee
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